Rural local communities


In the territory of the City of Zrenjanin there are 23 rural local communities. Among them, the settlements of Zlatica and Mužlja are specific. Zlatica is a separate local community, but it functions as a part of the village of Lazarevo, while the settlement of Mužlja, as a suburb, functions as an integral part of the City of Zrenjanin. The rural local communities have a total population of somewhat over 52,000 inhabitants. The biggest village is Melenci (6,563 inhabitants), and the smallest one is Lukino Selo (595). The settlements in the environs of Zrenjanin represent a unique conglomerate of different historical circumstances in which they developed, of culture, traditions, customs, potentials and, therefore, one may well say that the City of Zrenjanin represents "Vojvodina on a small scale" – a harmonious multinational community, with numerous settlements specific by their geographical position, ethnic composition, ethnological heritage or, on the other hand, checkered tourist offer.