Mayor's meeting with agriculture producers

As initiated by Boško Kojčić, the Chairman of the Council group of Zrenjanin democrats in the City Assembly, today, in the Council City Hall, there was a meeting of agriculture producers of Zrenajnin area with the Mayor of the City of Zrenjanin dr Miletom Mihajlovim.
Kojčić says that he came up with the idea of the meeting after the talks he had had with the agriculture producers from Tomaševac, Perlez, Botoš, Orlovat and other villages.
- I considered it  a good idea to  arrange a meeting  of  the most distinguished  agriculture producers, including the young ones, with the Mayor so that they can inform the Mayor about the  key problems and possible solutions  the best that may be found and the support the local self-government can provide – said Kojčić.
As he explained, the City allocates the funds from the agriculture budget, but all this could function even better, and this meeting is the right place for suggestion and proposals or complaints.
- In this way, I, as the Chairman of the Council group, will be able to inform the Assembly about it so that the situation can be improved – added he.
During the discussion, it could be concluded that every village has its specific problems but generally the agriculture producers are unsatisfied with the renting of agriculture land.
The work of the City  renting commission was discussed too, and according to their opinion, the people who are engaged in agriculture business should have their representative in the  Commission too so that they  can take part in decision making.