Office for Youth celebrates the third birthday

Today the Office for youth celebrates the third anniversary of establishing and working so the Mayor of Zrenjanin, dr Mileta Mihajlov  gave a reception at the City Hall.
Congratulating them the Mayor thanked them for all they have done for the youth in our City expressing  his hope that  they will work even better through projects  as well as the support of the local self-government which accepted the Local Action Plan for Youth from 2009 . Many projects have been finished which deserves respect and attention because the young are  our future .
The Coordinator of the Office for Youth, Darko Trajlov, says that several projects are completed all regarding the improvement of  the quality of living for young people in our city, and the  donor's visit  just confirms this, but the final  assessment will be given by the young of Zrenjanin.
Ivana Kovačević, the State Secretary  of Youth and Sport, expressed her pleasure to be in Zrenjanin after three years again  estimating the work of the Office as excellent, including the coordinator, volunteers and associates.
- It proved  to be good what we as the Ministry started in 2007., when  we began the process of Office establishing  and today we have 124 offices. Zrenjanin was among  the first cities to open the Office for Youth, and they deserve all the positive assessments for their work since the young can express their needs but also to implement projects, to be creative and participate in the life of  Zrenajnin City – said Kovačević.
Aleksandar Mentov from USAID, also says that they are satisfied with Zrenjanin Office which was opened in 2009. godine, and so far several projects  are  finished.
Mentov pointed out that two the most important projects are: development of the action Plan for entrepreneurship and partnership between the Office for Youth and American company "Men power" which is engaged in  labour development. Thanks to that, Zrenjanin has a career development centre.
Marija Radovanović (GIZ BOSS) states that this organisation includes a large project regarding youth policy,  has a cooperation through other projects and that the Office will be the place where the young  will be able to get the information about their careers,  CV writing, interviews etc.
Kamleš Patel, the Director of the International Association  for Human Values  seated in Geneva, was  also present at the reception as well as  the Director of the programme within "The Art of Living" Foundation who later gave a talk  at "Zeleno zvono" club.