Sport hall for children in Mihajlovo

The President of the Government of Vojvodina dr Bojan Pajtić and the Mayor of Zrenjanin, dr Mileta Mihajlov laid the foundation stone for the new sport hall in the Primary school "Sonja Marinković" in Mihajlovo.
 The President Pajtić pointed out that the provincial Government invested in more than 300 facilities on the territory of Vojvodina, i.e. that almost every village was provided with the  main existential  facilities.
- Particularly we would like to invest in those small undeveloped areas which need additional support for further development so that the migration of  young  people is lowered. Yesterday a gorgeous sport hall in Banatski Karlovac was opened, and I must say that the Mayor and the management are continuing with the good policy of investing into rural areas needing support so that young people can stay there.
The Mayor Mihajlov said that the laying of the foundation stone in Mihajlovo is actually the continuation of the activity started in Aradac a few days ago - "no school without a PE hall".
He emphasised that the works are 29.4 million dinars worth and financed from the City budget.
The Principle of the school "Sonja Marinković" in Zrenjanin, Gizela Katona said that this was a long-time expected event explaing the importance of such a support for children who are very active in sport but so far have had to do sport activities in the school hall.
The Primary school in Mihajlovo is a branch of the Primary school "Sonja Marinković" from Zrenjanina where the teaching languages are the Serbian and Hungarian languages. The school in Mihajlovo includes the kindergarten.