Certificates of Gratitude for ''Back to the future'' Project Participation

Today in the Multi media room of the City Hall the ceremony of Certificates of Gratitude  awarding  has been held for  all the schools  which participated in the project named "Back to the future".
Coordinator of promotion activities, Zoran Milinković says that the project was implemented through IPA programme of Neighbouring Cooperation and was intended to inform and educate population, particularly young generations, of the neighbouring region about geothermal  energy opportunities for heating and cooling. Public institutions were also involved .
Workshops were organised  with two target groups. The first one was lower grade school children, age 7-11, of ten schools from the territory of Zrenjanin City. 
The topics were adjusted to the age of children and school programme referring to soil water and air pollution. The other group consisted of the representatives of public institutions and the topics refer to energy efficiency and alternative sources of energy.
There were 10 workshops held with 80 participants working in public institutions.