City Invest in Village Health Ambulatory Settings

Health ambulatory setting in Tomaševac is one of the more qualitative in the City, it was the estimation of the Deputy Mayor Goran Kaurić and Director of Health Institute “dr Boško Vrebalov” Borislav Đorđević who were in the visit to this institution.
Having talked to employees, Kaurić pointed out the necessity to execute reconstruction works so that the quality of the service providing to inhabitants can be upgraded.
According to dr Đorđević's words the building used to be one of the most beautiful buildings as a facility for health care some 15 years ago. It is not a large investment that is needed but obviously some reconstruction and maintaining works are necessary.  Though, as he estimated, the Ambulatory in Orlovat is one of the most damaged now due to severe winter conditions which resulted in closing of the setting.
The City has been supporting this priority so that the health care facility starts working as soon as possible continuing to provide health services for the local population.