Culture Club ''Šandor Petefi'' - Activity and Problem Solving

Today the President of the City Assembly Aleksandar Marton and the City Council member Vaš, Tibor visited Culture Club "Šandor Petefi" in Mužlja. They discussed with the representatives of "Petefi" current issues of this club but also the problems in its work, particularly after the recent  breakdowns in heating system which   make it impossible to use a big hall where most programmes take place. 
Aleksandar Marton pointed out the significance of culture clubs which is an important form of national minority gathering and preserving their cultures.
- "Petefi" from Mužlja is only one of the  most successful culture-art societies at the territory of Zrenjanin City, which proves that it is possible to preserve  traditional national values  and  that it is  quite normal in this country . We in  the local self-government keep saying that we want good neigbourhood relations and that in Zrenjanin it has never been important what  name you have, what church you go to or do not go, simply that is the way of life inn this  region and this city. We have come to discuss problems and options for their solutions – pointed out the President of Zrenjanin Assembly.
The member of the City Council, Vaš, Tibor, who was personally engaged in "Petefi"'s work, also emphasised the importance of these clubs but they have to be financially supported by the local government informing that after several years the City of Zrenjanin open a  call for financing of programme activities of culture-art clubs concluding that  it is a good  way of supporting.
The president of  Culture Club "Šandor Petefi" Olah Vencel, Erika this heating breakdown  affected all prepared activities so they had to be delayed  explaining that this breakdown is the result of financial incapacity to maintain heating system regularly.