Finished Project ''Establishing of GIS Center in Zrenjanin''

Yesterday in Novi Bečej the first, out of four planned, press conference was given regardign  the finishing of the Project named "Establishing of GIS Center in Zrenjanin", implemented within Exchange 3 programme in the City of Zrenjanin and in the partnership municipalities of Novi Bečej, Žitište and Nova Crnja. 
After the welcome word of the President of Novi Bečej Municipality Milivoj Vrebalov,  the Project and its implementation were presented by Miodrag Bogunović, the Head of the ICT Department of the Zrenjanin City Administration and Coordinator of the Project Work  group, Dragan Radaković, the Head of the Sector of Projects and Information Technology of the Regional Agency for Social-Economic Development Banat and Tomislav Ratković, Deputy President of  Novi Bečej Municipality. 
It was highlighted that GIS – Geographic Information System -  is a system for  collecting, processing, analysis and showing of space and other data referring to urbanism and space management, construction land, communal infrastructure, environment and other  aspects of life of a city or a municipality, which all used to be kept in a paper and digital form. A platform for the future GIS development has been accomplished by  establishing of common information system of the local self-government Zrenjanin. GIS Center is  situated in the  offices of Department of Information and Communication Technology , and the Project includes the Internet  connecting to GIS system of 9 system members (3 partnership municipalities, 5 local public enterprises and one istitution  in Zrenjanin).
In each municipality various pilot applications, chosen  according to previous  identifying of topics that may be acceptable for the local capacities.  Novi Bečej Municipality developed the  application for tourism development. The basic condition is to to  have a data base of tourist facilities of Novi Bečej. According to the defined locations of tourist interest digital data were collected and then entered into  the GIS data baze of tourism and  then connected to WebGIS server. The application will be  available on the Municipality web site and  further developed.
The Project  has been implemented in Zrenjanin, Novi Bečej, Žitište and Nova Crnja, with the City of Subotica as  a participant, and it has been financed by the Delegation of the Euroepan Union in the Repbulic of Serbia, it was started on 18 Sep 2010 and it finishes on 17 March 2012.  By  the signing of the Intermunicipal Agreement on GIS development cooperation, the City of Zrenjanin and partnership municipalities confirm their willingness and common interest to keep and  strenghten  their  networking setting a good example of regional cooperation to other cities and regions of Serbia.
The total Proejct value is 309,188.08 Euro, EU support is 264,108.46 Euro, and 45,079.62 Euro of partnership municipalities.
Similar press conferences are planned in Žitištu, 6 March, Nova Crnja, 7 March and  the final conference in Zrenjanin, 14 March.