Intermunicipality Forum of Zrenjanin, Kikinda and Novi Bečej

Within the USAID Project of a sustainable local development, in  Novi Bečej the first meeting of  Intermunicipal Forum of Zrenjanin, Kikinda and Novi Bečej was held.
 According to the Agreement of Cooperation of local  governments, Memorandum of Understanding and its Annex, signed by the representatives of the City of Zrenjanin and Municipalities of Kikinda and Novi Bečej, the representatives of  the Project, the organisations of civil society and business  community, the Intermunicipal Forum was established consisting of the Mayor and  Presidents of Municipalities and the Director of regional Agency for Social Economic Development– Banat.  
This first Forum refers to  the adoption of 2012  Action Plan  and adjusting of  common needs, priority projects and activities in intermunicipal partnership.
Three strategically important initiatives are highlighted as priorities: (1) creating of Master Plan for  tourism development at the river Tisa which  will include the areas out of the intermunicipal partnership  of Zrenjanin, Novi Bečej and  Kikinda, (2) improvement of regional agriculture development by forming agriculture work  zone in  Kikinda, opening a training Center in  Zrenjanin and planning of  the regional Center for Cooler Storage, (3) improvement of estate management system
USAID project of  a sustainable local development is  the initiative to support along-term economic development and social  development of local communities of Serbia in their efforts  to solve  common  problems effectively. The key project activities are directed to the establishing, strengthening and promoting of intermuncipal partnerships as well as partnerships with private and non governmental sector.