President of Zrenjanin City Assembly appologies to attacked young men

Today Aleksandar Marton, the President of  Zrenjanin City Assembly has visited the Office of Deputy Ombudsman of Zrenjanin City, where he talked to Trajan Pankarićan, Deputy Ombudsman, in charge of  national minority rights protection  the incident  that happened on 3 March  this year, when two  students of the Hungarian nationality were attacked because they were talking in their mother  tongue.
The President of Zrenjanin Assembly estimated the incident as a shame for the city where for centuries no one would ask you for a name, surname or language you used. Therefore he apologized to the attacked young students of Zrenajnin Faculty. This is the picture of Zrenjanin we believed did not exist, the Presidnet said, but unfortunately it exists because there are people who use other language as a reason for physical attack. For hundreds  years the inhabitants of Zrenjanin have lived together no matter of their language nationality , religion or race, or any other difference, and  stating against this kind of  behavior publicly Zrenjanin will stay what it is, an oasis for all citizens., expressing  his support to the police who identified and captured the aggressive attackers
The incident happened in a fast food restaurant in Zrenjanin. As stated by the police the suspected were arrested due to the charges regarding national, racial and religious hatred.