Solution of Sport Hall in Ečka

One of the main problem in the Primary School "Dr Aleksandar Sabovljev" in Ečka, inappropriate sport facilities, could be solved in near future by joint efforts of the City and Province – as stated by –  Aleksandar Marton, the President of Zrenjanin City Assembly and Bugar Marinel, Principal, during today's talk at  this school.
A City Council member, Vaš Tibor, was also in the visit using the opportunity to get informed about current activities of this school, where the education is organised in two languages, in the Serbian and Romanian language.
- This year there are 313 pupils enrolled, including 47 in the Romanian language. The  sport hall is priority because the pupils can do sport activities only in open due to inadequate conditions in the sport hall.– stated the Principal, adding that the whole school building needs to be reconstructed, since it was built  back in 1894.
As concluded a new hall would provide good conditions for organised sport engagement of all the children and youth of Ečka
According to the President of Zrenjanin City Assembly, Ečka being a large suburb residential area of 4000 inhabitants and one of the largest villages on the territory of Zrenjanin City , and the school is very successful in  performing of its education activities  but it needs to have adequate conditions  for all its programme activities. Financial framework was started several months ago regarding the project of a new sport hall  building. Therefore this, and the next, 2013 will be the years when hopefully the issue of sport  halls in Zrenjanin territory villages will be solved.– concluded Aleksandar Marton.