Support to Initiative ''Vote for Babies''

Aleksandar Marton, the president of Zrenjanin City Assembly, signed the petition for  VAT aboltion  on baby products. Also it was an occasion to appeal at  all the citizens  so  support this activity themselves.
"Social responsibility is  our joint  objective and priority and therefore I am appealing to all to support  this initiative so that  Vojvodina, Zrenjanin  are the areas where everybody  has the  same rights to plan   the future and where financial situation not  an obstacle to it.. This year a positive step forward has been made  and mothers of newborn babies in Zrenjanin will receive 35 thousand as a one-off measure of financial support, which is 5,000 more than it used to be. However, in some cities mothers get a full salary support which is our aim too. At the same time I would like to point out that women are still not treated equally as men in our society and the policy of equal opportunities has not been fully applied. Women are still burdened by gender roles the society and community demand from hem, and that is why their working day lasts much longer, which cannot be tolerated".
Support signatures for the initiative named "Vote for Babies" are being collected in 50 cities of Serbia and so far it has been supported by more than 80 thousand citizens in favour of VAT abolition and limiting trade margin to 10% commission for baby goods.