Woman activism in progress

Today Woman club "Mužlja" organised the celebration of 8 March, the International Woman Day, which was attended by the President of the City Assembly Aleksandar Marton and Tibor Vaš, the member of the City Council in charge of economy and regional cooperation. 
Aranka Palatinuš, the Chairwoman of the Club reminded that the Club has a tradition of over 30 years long and about 60 members including several men.
The members participate in many exhibitions all around Serbia and the Club has the cooperation with more than 50 other clubs.
As pointed out, the   position of women is still to be strengthened, is still underestimated and particular attention should be paid to younger generations.
Aleksandar Marton  gave an example of unequal right  at employment searching referring to maternity leave. Many employers avoid to employ young women who are expected to have babies which affect birth rate since young couples hesitate to have children due to difficult financial situation.
As concluded by the Assembly President the local government will provide a further support to women activism and the clubs like the one in Mužlja to make woman "visible" in our society and to enable her progress in work and life.