17 International Symposium ''Banat - History and Multiculturalism''

In the Baroque Hall of the City Hall in Zrenjanin, on Saturday, 31 March 17 International  Symposium  "Banat – Hystory and  Multiculturalism" was officially opened and attended by scholars from Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Montenegro and Germany.
The traditional international conference is held every year and it is organised by the Romanian Society for Ethnography and Folklore of Vojvodina, the Institute for Culture of Romanians in Vojvodina   and the University of  "Eftimije Murgu" from  Rešice. Opening this conference, Andor Deli, Provincial Secretary for Education, Administration and   national Minorities pointed out that Vojvodina, as well as Banat Region is recognized for its multiculturalsim and  unity, so that it is  very  important that  Banat is studied as a specific region  and try to keep its tradition
Aleksandar Marton, the President of the City Assembly, on the behalf of the City, welcomed guests expressing his pleasure that Zrenjanin has been recognized as a multi cultural  environment.

The collection of papers from the last year's conference in Rešice, was presented at  the plenary session..