A Tree for Each Baby

Today, as an activity of the project named "A Good Tree"  has been organised  in the  park of  "Stari Bagljaš" including the planting of a tree for each newborn baby in our City.
Last year the City Council decided to allocate the funds from the City Budget, i.e.  for the  improvement of environment by planting a  tree for  each newborn citizen of  Zrenjanin.
The Mayor of Zrenjanin, dr Mileta Mihajlov, who was also present, informed that the activity would last for 2 weeks, now and again in automn. The aim is to improve the environment providing favourable conditions for sport and recreation as well. The City will donate for these trees and take care of them as we take care of our children – said the Mayor.  
He invited all the citizens to take part in this activity wishing to have more babies and more trees in our City.
Ivana Branković, the initiator of the project "A Good Tree" reported that this was the second phase of the project. The first stage included the media campaign and informing citizens about it through workshops  at primary schools.
After the City Council approved the activity and sixty six babies born in January and February will get their trees.  The next location is Zeleno polje which will be improved by planting new  trees. The activity will continue in automn. So far there were about fifty donors and ore citizens are expected to participate – according to Ivana Branković.  


The Project is financially supported by BCIF and the City of Zrenjanin and it is jointly implemented by several socially active entities – non-governmental organisations FOTO EXPO, CEKOM, Regional Society for Foreign Languages, Utility Companies "Directorate for building and planning of the City", PUC "Clean and Green", public institution "Culture Center of Zrenjanin" and the Department of Environment Protection of the City Administration Zrenjanin.
The Project "A Good Tree" is an idea that will offer an opportunity to the local community, particularly to children and young people, to learn to take an initiative, to plan and participate in the creating of their surrounding.