Come back of Zvonko Vujin into Banat Boxing Club

Last night the Deputy Mayor, Goran Kaurić, visited Boxing Club Banat and talked to  Zrenjanin  legendary boxer Zvonko Vujin, who decided to  dedicate again to sport trying to  revive boxing  in our city. 
Boxing Club Banat has a long tradition in our city. Zvonko Vujin is going to try to upgrade this Club to the higher level it used to be and to return to ex YU league .
In Vojvodina there are 27 boxing clubs and more than 160 participants took part at the recent competition held in Žabalj. The boxers from Zrenjanin, Srđan Mitrović and Milanka Mima Tadić won gold and silver which proves that Zrenjanin boxing has a positive perspective
However, the conditions for training in this club are inadequate and the City of Zrenjanin will support the reconstruction of the building .
According to Vujin in the City there are lots of interested and talented kids but the main problem is  the financial issue and sport can keep children out of trouble and street . The best solution for this sport as well as martial sports would be the building of completely new facility.
Vujin intends to establish an ex-Yu league which will upgrade the quality of box.