Dog microchipping and vaccination

The  City of Zrenjanin, in the cooperation with the Society for Animal Protection and Nature ''Đurđevo''  organises the first vaccination and permanent marking of dogs at the territory of the  Zrenjanin City.

Predrag Jeremić, Deputy President of the City Assembly, at today's press conference, states that the local government will, jointly with PUC "Clean and Green" continue permanent, free of charge  microchipping and vaccination of dogs in 2012.
As said, interested citizens can microchip and vaccinate their pets at the favourable price of 600 dinars /VAT not included/ for veterinary service and the City provides the chips. The vaccination and microchipping is to start on 2 April of this year in the following veterinary surgeries/stations: 

1. VS ''VETERINA DIMIĆ'' DOO, Ž.Zrenjanina 78, Zrenjanin tel: 023 567 021,mob: 064 66 28 977
2. VA ''ULTIMAT VET'',Cara Dušana 14a, Zrenjanin tel: 023 515 287,mob: 064 20 22 811
3. VC ''PEGA'' DOO, Elemir, Toze Markovića 56a tel: 023 738 506,mob: 063 804 10 58
4. Ogranak VC ''PEGA'' - ''TAURUS'',Elemirski drum 56, Zrenjanin tel: 023 512 276
mob: 064 27 14 458
5. VA ''MIHAILO-VET'' DOO, Ž.Zrenjanina 34, Elemir, mob: 063 864 74 58
6. SVA  ''VETERINAR'',Hunadi Janoša 46, Mužlja, Zrenjanin mob: 064 220 68 55
7. ''PAN-VETERINA'' DOO, Hunadi Janoša 66, Mužlja, tel:023/522-751, mob:063 77 47 790
8. VS ''ЃOMBA-VET'', Dr Kornela Radulovića 42, Zrenjanin, tel: 063 77 34 018
9. ''VETRA-VET'' DOO, K.A.Karađorđevića 19A, Perlez, Tel:063 359 293
10. ''BRAĆA BOŠNjAK DIVET'' DOO, Vujice Vujanova 26A, Melenci, Tel: 023/741-190, mob:063 86 35 494

The number of free microchips is limited.
As said  at the press conference the  fines for animal  mistreatment  or law violation  are from 5,000 to 50,000 dinars, in the following  cases:
- if you do not   mark or vaccinate animals,
- if an animal endanger the life or health of people, other animal or  damage property due to  the lack of   owners' care;
- if you throw out your pet in the street;
- if you do not prevent the birth of unwanted  pets;
- if  an animal is ill and you do not provide veterinary treatment;
- if  you reject necessities to  an animal (food, water, hygiene, living space),  if you keep a dog  at  short  chain or in small box;
- if you kill, hurt or frighten an animal.