Mayor in Banatski Despotovac

In Banatski Despotovac the works on filed road  have been executing. The Mayor of Zrenjanina, dr Mileta Mihajlov visited the spot today and had a meeting with the representatives of this Local Administration Office, as well as with the owner of agriculture company JSC "Banatski Despotovac".
The  representatives of the Office expressed their satisfaction since the road  will be  used  not only for  agriculture purposes but also by hunters, fishermen and other citizens. The funds of 2 million dinars were provided by the Province. 
The Mayor  mentioned that soon there would be  benches as well since  that is a favourite walking area, particularly for young people.
Also he emphasised the progress that village had made, mostly generated by  JSC "Banatski Despotovac", socially responsible company where  10 more people  would be  employed.
The cooperative employees 50 people and about 1,500 ha  are cultivated, 1225 being owned, and  the rest   is rented.  The cooperation with the local people is very good, to mutual satisfaction, said the largest shareholder of  the company, Milojko Erić.