Students' Day Celebration

On the occasion of 4 April, Students' Day, the Mayor of  Zrenjanin City, dr Mileta Mihajlov, accompanied by the Head of the Central Banat District, Tanja Dulović and Vice President of the City Assembly, Predrag Jeremić, visited the students of residental house "Mihajlo Predić - dr Miša" , where more than two  hundred students are accommodated.

- First of all I  would like to congratulate to all  students,  investing in students, investing in children, in future generations is the most sacred and  the most  wonderful thing  we can do. At this moment, I would like to point out that we, as the local government, have paid a particular attention to children and students and their health. Therefore we wish to reconstruct the local   Clinic so that both the students and other citizens can use it. The Clinic is to be opened in some forty days and it will be the part of Health Center   "dr Boško Vrebalov" – said the Mayor Mihajlov.
The representative of students, Branislav Sušić says  that it  has been a tradition to  celebrate the Students' Day for years and that most students are satisfied  with the conditions   of the residential house but they need water filters and  canteen. The Clinic certainly will be very useful, since many students spend more time here than at homes, that is a nice move of the Mayor– said Sušić.
Jovan Bjelobaba, the Director of the Student Center Novi Sad says that the opening of the local Clinic, including general and dental surgeries,  is important  because  now the students will not  have to travel to Novi sad to obtain the medical certificates. According to him the quality of living standard in student residential house have been much improved during the last several years.
In Zrenjanin the average mark of these students is 7.80, and they are the ones who deserve to  be granted the residential accommodation.