Study on Ečka Airport Development

Last  Saturday the professors of Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering form Belgrade presented  the  "Feasibility Study of Usage of Transport Planes at Ečka Airport" which, according to the Mayor, dr Mileta Mihajlov, represents concept design of Zrenjanin airport development and opportunities it offers, as well as the perspectives of  a further development. As Mihajlov says -  the possibilities of this airport are  great but we would be satisfied with a  big sport-tourist center, to organise  programmes at the airport jointly  with the City and sportsmen, and future  will  tell what kind of airport  it  should be, transportation, passenger.
Jagoš Banović from Aero Club Zrenjanin, says that this club is one of the most distinguished   in the country and it is their objective to work, jointly with the City and Ečka Airport, on development of sport and  tourist  flying. The objective is to follow the European trend of popularisation of this sport by increasing the capacities of this airport to the  benefit of  the city.
Presenting the Study, Petar Milosavljević, docent of the Faculty of Transportation and Traffic Engineering states that the objective of Zrenjanin City is to improve sport, air, gliding and agriculture aviation at the present airport into commercial air crafting, first of all, with business planes, which  would enable easier access of foreign investors.
This was the first element  of the mentioned Study but, according to Milosavljević, they had a very delicate approach to the absolute usage and development of commercial aviation for passengers, being fully aware of the proximity of Belgrade and Temisoara airports. Still, the conclusion was that in some 8 years a critical passenger number would lead to the need for f the development including temporary Customs, Police Administration and phyto pathological control. Naturally these elements should be in accordance with the future development strategy of EU and  South East Europe.