Support to RFC Banat

One of the oldest sport slubs in the City, Relway Football Club, founded far back in 1922  in this season will celebrate 90th anniversary of the  founding but, on the  other hand, it faces financial problems that may  endanger its present existance.  Such a situation was the reason  for the visit  of the General Secretary of Sport Association of  Zrenjanin City,  Srđan Bogaroški and the member of the City Council in charge of sport, Vojislav Matić, M.Sci. During  the talks with players and management of the Club they were informed  about the present problems and options of resolving them.
As "first aid" Bogaroški and Matić brought  several football balls for the Club, which is to be followed by shirts, and what is  more important for the  Club  an Agreement with   the City Utility Company regarding the  utility costs will be signed  and the Club was informed about the Call of the City of Zrenjanin for the financial support, which all  can  help this Club to go through these times.
Railway Football Club Banat, which  competes in Zrenjanin Municipality football league, has about 25 regular players who  are just asking for minimal training conditions.
Sport Association will support the Club as much as it can, including logistics since  it is the only football playground in  the big residential area Bagljas and players and children training football are very enthusiastic about their sport and  Club.