Visit to Lukino Selo

Today, Aleksandar Marton, the President of the City Assembly and Tibor Vaš, the member of the City Council have visited the smallest village at the territory of Zrenjanin City. According to the latest census the population of this village is only 495 inhabitants. After the building of the motorway to Mužlja, Lukino Selo has become almost a suburb, as was stated by the President of the City Assembly, and this includes specific problems   and for their solving the support of the local government is necessary. 
The reason for today's visit was the establishing of the new Council of the Local Administration Office a month ago. For the first time a  woman, Eržebet Bakai Sas, is the chairwoman of the Council. She informed Marton about their key current problems and possible solutions. 
According to the President of the Assembly Aleksandar Marton the most important issue for all, and that should have been done back in 2011, is reconstruction of several main streets of this village. As reported the works that were stopped are supposed to restarted and finished. Most population is engaged in vegetable production and business.  Also these people need support in education through trainings   of their interest field. For small villages,  as Lukino Selo, Mihajlovo or Jankov Most it is much more difficult to solve  the problems than for  bigger ones such as  Elemir or  Melenci, which  have the population of  about 4-5 thousand inhabitants.
Thre are some  other  issues to attend, as the Chairwoman of the Council, Eržebet Bakai Sas said,  such as chapel  at the graveyard, carpentry works on the building of Culture House, bilingual information signs, since most of population is Hungarian.  
It is difficult to solve problems with no  financial funds so the  Council is turning more to  grants and  financial  support calls  than to self- financing since  it is a small village.