10. Banat Adventure in our City

The tenth Banat Adventure, organised  by the Club of  Field  Relly Banat, was held last  weekend on the grounds around Zrenjanin.
According to Svetozar Velimirov, the Chairman of the Club, there were about  thirty  teams, from all round Serbia, but from abroad too.
From the center of Zrenjanin they started , continued to  Babatovo near Elernir, and  the really finished  the next day,   with the teams competing in  speed and skill.
Here it is a plain land with no hills but there is lots of mud, canals and water.
The participants  were welcomed by the Deputy Mayor, Goran Kaurić, on the behalf of the City,  which supported this manifestation as a kind of tourist attraction to be remembered as a  unusual experience.