Anniversary Session of the Council for Multi Ethnic Relations

Anniversary session of the Council for Multi Ethnic Relations of Zrenjanin City was opened by the Chairman Vojin Diniku, who pointed out that the most important objective in the previous year was the monitoring of all the issues relevant for this city.
- There were some smaller incidents and we have always, together with the Chairman of the City Assembly criticised them asking for tolerance and responsibility taking. Last year there was a  census and now  we are expecting the results regarding the ethnic groups in Zrenjanin – said Vojin Diniku, reminding that both he and Aleksandar Marton,  asked the Roma community to appoint their representative for the Council.
- Today we do the same. We would like to have a representative of the Roma community so that we can hear about their problems and  future plans – added Diniku.
Aleksandar Marton, the President of Zrenjanin City Assembly commended the work of the Council during the last year, reminding that Zrenjanin was of few cities with a long assembly tradition and acknowledging the interests of all the ethnic communities.
- This Assembly has improved its work regarding ethnic communities because pursuant to the law the communities with a population percentage below 1%, i.e.  below 1300 members in, have no right to participate in the work and activities of the Council but Zrenjanin Assembly decided that all the ethnic communities having  30 and more members can participate in the work of the Council but  with no right to vote –  Aleksandar Marton said, concluding that it is up to the each local  government to support  each ethnic minority to be an integral part of the community, since they include about 40 thousand people, and Zrenjanin is a city of all its citizens.