Contracts for social housing flats building

The Minister of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning, Oliver Dulić and the Mayor of Zrenjanin, dr Mileta Mihajlov have signed  today, in the City Hall of Nis, the Contract  on   mutual relations in  the implantation of Law on Ratification of Framework Loan  Contract  between the Bank  for Development of the Council of Europe and the Republic of Serbia. The contracts were signed by the representatives of six more cities: Niš, Pančevo, Kikinda, Smederevo, Kraljevo and Pirot. 
These contracts  enable the building of 789 flats of social housing out of 1,700 planned ones. The building of 237 social housing flats are planned  for Nis, 77 in Pančevo, 60 in Kikinda,  100 flats in Zrenjanin and  Kraljevo, 150 in Smederevo and 65 in Pirot.
The Mayor Mihajlov remained that the programme of social housing   had started in Zrenjanin back in 2010 when the Strategy of Housing was adopted, and then the Housing Agency was established.
In total 100  flats will be built in Zrenjanin,  70 for sale under  nonprofitable conditions and 30 for renting, at the two locations, Pančevačka Street and Žarka Zrenjanina Street – said Mihajlov.

According to Minister  the price will be 499 Euro per  square meter,  which  is a very favourable price, and the  socially  vulnerable families will pay the rent pursuant tot he regulations of Social Housing Law –  Dulić said.
The Director of Republic Housing Agency, Maja Lakićević, says that the total value of the project is 58 million Euro, and 32 million is provided by the loan of the Bank for Development of the Council of Europe and  the rest  is  the participation of the State and local governments.