Ferry on Tisa reconstructed

The Mayor of  Zrenjanin, dr Mileta Mihajlov, was present today at the starting of reconstructed  ferry on the river Tisa near  Taraš.
As he said, this was a big problem for the inhabitants of Taraš, since this ferry is of vital importance for agriculture in this area.

Since most of the arable land of  Taras people is on Backa side,  this means that they had to go about 40 km to reach their fields, now with the ferry they can reach them  faster and easier. The local government invested four million dinars into the ferry reconstruction and it will be covering the costs of two employees working on the ferry so that the crossing will be free of charge for all.
The owner of d.o.o Taraš Company, Milan Repija,   gave as a present  this ferry to the City of Zrenjanin, which  gave it to the Local administrative Office Taraš.
The ferry will work during agriculture season, when necessary.