Land reparcelling in Botoš

Today the Mayor of Zrenjanin, dr Mileta Mihajlov and Goran Radić, the representative of the Conractor sighed the Contract on geodetic technical works and other works   on the land  reparcelling in Cadastre Area Botoš.
The Contractors are as follows: GEOPUT DOO, Belgrade, GEOSYSTEM DOO Belgrade, GEOKRULj DOO Belgrade, DOO GEORAD Pančevo, GEO Info Strategies DOO Belgrade, GEO-ZOM DOO Kraljevo,
According to the Mayor the total area of   this Cadastre Area is about 6986 ha  including the construction area of about 248 ha.
This means that agriculture producers will be able   to cultivate their land much more efficiently and faster. The funds are provided by AP Vojvodina and the City budget in the amount of about 123 million dinars and this  project will have been  finished by 1 March 2015 – said the Mayor.
Goran Markov, The Chairman of the Board for Reparcelling says that this is one of the most complex  projects, aiming to enlarge parcels which will enable easier and more efficient cultivation  and  land management. Later this can be followed by new  projection of field roads and irrigation system.