Signed Contract on building of Water Filtering Plant

Today, in the City Hall the Director of "Water and Sewage Company", Milorad Bjelogrlić and Ralf Schröder, General Director of Austrian – German Company WTE Wassertechnik have signed the Contract on the building, designing and  operating , financing and managing of drinking water filtering  plant in Zrenjanin. The value fo the Contract is 25.6 million Euro.
The Mayor of Zrenjanin, Mileta Mihajlov says that the signing of this contract is the historical moment for Zrenjanin since the tap water has been forbidden to consume fro drinking  by inspection for seven years now. 

As he said, the Contract signing is the result of two-year intensive work on the research of new technologies and studying of the capacities of the potential investors.
– Today's signatures of the Contract and undertaken obligations, are proving that, as we promised, we have seriously considered this problem, and as a responsible government, we have kept the promises. Water is an expensive resource and it is in demand  in the world, but the right on water is, I  would say, a basic human right, and it can not be endangered in  XXI century Europe. As a doctor, I am particularly proud, that, as the mayor, I have managed to solve this problem, together with my colleagues, since this is a serious health problem. I believe this example of cooperation of  Zrenjanin and the Company WTE Wassertechnik will  be followed with  the contracts  with other cities of Vojvodina which have similar problems– said  the Mayor Mihajlov.

 Ralf Schröder  pointed out that the Company was  informed  about the water problem in Zrenjanin, which will be solved by the building of water filtering  plant.
- This is a real challenge for us and jointly with Water and Sewage Company we are going to start this venture and  in three years we will open the water plant. Our next step is to  make a pilot programme,  jointly with Water and Sewage Company, said  Schröder, emphasising that WTA – group is  an experience company in the building of similar plants through  the projects in Zagreb, Vienna, Moscow.

The  Director of Water and Sewage Company says that drinking water will  meet all the European standards, and that the price will depend on many factors.
- The price of water processing will be from 0.27 to 0.34 Euro cent,  and the final price will depend on adopted water policy. If Provincial and Republic government participate in the plant building the price will be lower. But for sure, this water will be cheaper than the bottled  water  citizens  now buy – said Bjelogrlić at the press conference. 

The President  of the Provincial Government Bojan Pajtić was  present at the Contract signing  and said that this was a very important project that will both provide  high  quality of drinking  water and secondly make Zrenjanin more attractive for foreign and domestic  investors  which use water in their product structure.
- This project can be a model for other cities in Vojvodina which have the similar problem of drinking water - said Pajtić adding that their is option of partial EU funding for this project.
His Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Austria, Clemens Koja, was present  estimating that this  would be a good introduction into the future cooperation of Austrian companies and the City of Zrenjanin.