Trainings for LED staff of Municipality Offices

During  the last week in Ečka a three-day seminar was  held for the municipal officials from 9 Municipality Offices/Departments for local economic development, who were selected during the preparation  phase of the project "Our joint mission-small LED Offices on the way to a big  success" and who are going to  attend the seminar integrated in  this Project which is supported by  Open Society Fund, and  apart from  CenTriR, which is a leading partner,  City Administrations of Zrenjanin and  Kragujevac and  Municipality  Pećinci participate as partners too.
Based on the survey regarding the capacities of  the Municipal LED /Departments, done in some 20 municipalities, the Project team decided to provide the training for the officials of 9 municipalities: Šid, Bač, Irig, Bečej, Novi Bečej, Nova Crnja, Topola, Bela Crkva and Kovin. The introductory seminar was organised in Ečka,  aimed to inform the participants about  all relevant  issues of local economic development, and the most  important part of the training was the case study of the results achieved by the mentor Offices of Kragujevac, Zrenjanin and Pećinci.  After the seminar the participants valued the networking with mentor Offices as the most important hoping to further cooperation. A few years  ago these mentor offices were in identical situation as selected offices  on the Project, and they managed to overcome all the obstacles, starting  problems and traps the Led Offices were facing at the beginning of their work.
The next  5-month step of this training is organising of 3 one-day workshops by mentor Led Offices for their group of municipalities  finishing the  full education circle.