Visit to Club of Elderly Citizens of the Gerontology Center

Yesterday  Deputy Mayor, Goran Kaurić,  Vice president of the City Assembly, Predrag Jeremić, and Director of Zrenjanin branch of Institute  for Pension and Disability Insurance, Milan Zvekić visited the Club of  elderly citizens of the gerontology Center.
Apart from  residential accommodation the Gerontology Center offers other services to the elderly citizens of Zrenjanin, such as Club for elderly  people as well as  home  care service and  house assistance service 
Zorica Vučković, Director of the Center says that there are about three hundred members in the Club. There are numerous activities depending on the interests of the beneficiaries. The aim is to enable the  elderly citizens to spend a more  qualitative life during this third period of their lives.
The Club  has been  working for  about thirty years, and the services   are financed  from the City  budget.
 After meeting some of the beneficiaries and members of the Club, Kaurić, Jeremić and Zvekić were more informed about the work of the Club and its activities as well as problems.
According to Kaurić the local government will try to provide the necessary support, both financially and preparing necessary building permits. 
These elderly members maintain their park which is a true oasis of nature, so that they can spend   time walking around .