Works on Culture Center in Lukino Selo

Today Deputy Mayor, Goran Kaurić and Vice President of Zrenjanin Assembly, Predrag Jeremić , visited  Lukino Selo, where  the building of  Culture Center has been reconstructed.
The City financially supported this project with 600,000 dinars, and it will be finished in several days.
According to Kaurić this is only the first stage of reconstruction to be followed by the additional building works. 
Culture Center is important, because it is  actually the only place where young people can perform their activities, while  it  can also be used for the activities of  all the citizens.
Also the streets of Košut Lajoš and Svetozar Marković will be reconstructed.
According to Predrag Jeremić one of the goals of the local government is to improve the living conditions in villages trying to provide the   conditions similar to those of the living in the City.
More project regarding rural development are necessary both in economy h in culture.