Zrenjanin deserves regulated swimming area

Aleksandar Marton, the President of the Assembly of the City of Zrenjanin, visited "Peskara", the local swimming area in Mužlja. As he pointed out, that swimming area has many potentials, like "Štrand" in Novi Sad, to become one of the tourist centers in Vojvodina.

- Naturally, as a citizen of Zrenjanin, I  notice that "Peskara" can be  nicer since I myself come here in summer,  and then the question  arises why we had not  succeed to  regulate  it  as Novi Sad did  with  "Štrand" or Belgrade with Ada. I believe this should be one of the priorities of new local government, to make "Peskara" more accessible for our citizens, to  offer them various programmes in a more  regulated environment – said Aleksandar Marton, concluding that the local government  has made some positive steps which resulted in  better improved conditions  compared to the  ones of 10 years ago.
-  We  have aquired the  suggestions of our citizens and start an initiative for forming a protected area "Peskara -  Čepel lake". Now it is up  to  higher authorities to approve  it, but it  is very important that this initiative was started. Zrenjanin deserves a nice  swimming area and we ourselves  must be responsible and to regulate our environment – concluded the President of the City Assembly.