More than 3,500 volunteers in the project ''A big cleaning of Serbia''

This year the City of Zrenjanin participates in the biggest voluntary one-day activity "A big cleaning of Serbia“, when a large number of citizens, more than 3,500 volunteered in the cleaning of the City.
According to the Mayor of Zrenjanin dr Mileta Mihajlov more than 28 local offices of administration, public institutions and companies and numerous non-government organisations contributed to the cleaning of the City and environment protection on 123 locations.
Parks, schools, sports grounds  were cleaned as well as the banks of the Begej, Tisa and Tamis. 
 - Last year there were about 2,500 participants on 112 locations when more than 278,575 cube meters of waste – said Mihajlov.
The President of the City Assembly Aleksandar Marton took part in the activity too cleaning the street of Koste Turkulja in  LAO "Žarko Zrenjanin".
- Every year a large number of citizen volunteer in this cleaning activity, and I myself joined it. We have to work on this issue all the  year  round, not only on this day and to appeal to people to  change their habits, to mown their street lawns, not to  dispose  waste  around etc – said Marton, concluding that economic crises cannot be an excuse for environment   cleaning and that the  legislation of Serbia regarding environment is good but often not applied.