Senate of Novi Sad University in Zrenjanin today

Senate of  Novi Sad University held its  44 session at  the Technical  Faculty “Mihajlo Pupin“ in Zrenjanin today. The Mayor, dr Mileta Mihajlov welcomed the guests, the members of the Senate,  as one of the highest management body of Univesity of Novi Sad, i.e. the deans of  14 faculties of  Novi Sad University, the representatives of expert councils, quality boards and directors of scientific institutes of Novi Sad University.

- Today Zrenajnin and Technical Faculty “Mihajlo Pupin“ are the center of  academic Vojvodina. Today the Senate Council is  in Zrenjanin. The Technical Faculty of Zrenjanin was founded in our city almost thirty years ago, and many of its graduates are recognized engineers today actively developing the economic  development  of Zrenjanin and Vojvodina, many  acknowledgements and awards both to students and professors  support this statement – said Mihajlov adding that  the local government has excellent cooperation with this institution.
- We  have the common objective, to enable gradues of this Faculaty to integrate  into the  modern society, not only in Serbia, but in Europe too. On the other hand, we  would like to improve this cooperation by introducing economy, to open new departments, and jobs for these  young people.

The Dean of the Faculty Prof. Milan Pavlović, Ph.Sci. says that today Novi Sad University has moved to Zrenjanin.
-Today we are going to make decisions on  the number of new students, time framework and  other important issues. We are  honoured to have the Senate session  here. Also it is a kind of recognition.
According to the Rector of the University Prof Miroslav Vesković, Ph.Sci. the cooperation among faculties is  very important in order to determine the direction of further development and  programmes to be implemented.
- We are not competitors,  on the contrary,  joint we are better – said  Vesković.