Vanja Grbić received by the City's head officials

Today Vanja Grbić was received at the City Hall and talked to the City's head officials – the Mayor Ivan Bošnjak, M.Sci. Deputy Mayor Čedomir Janjić and Zlatana Ankić, the City Council member in charge of sport.
It is always nice to come home, you  travel around the world but then  you realise that  home is the  best  place to be – said Grbić reminding that this year's street volley was  not organised in thime but that it is intended to  prepare it  more seriously  next year.
-  The good thing is that  City  of Zrenjanin did organise street volleyball, in spite of mentioned problems and the response  was fantastic, since three hundred children participated which shows that this is an excellent volleyball base – said  Grbić reminding that Zrenjanin was registered  for the European Volleyball map.

The Mayor Bošnjak says welcomed the legend of Serbian and the World's volleyball.
 - Vanja Grbić is not only a recognized sportsman but also a successful businessman who is an excellent  example of strong initiative for  future projects – said  Bošnjak.
Zlatana Ankić says that Grbić connects successful  people of our region, Europe and the world and that cooperation with  him  can lead to a success only.