In ''Draexlmaier'' 800 new jobs

Today the German Company "Draexlmaier" (Draexlmaier Automotive) opened a new plant  in Zrenjanin for  the production of  "Fiat" Automotive in Kragujevac, Serbia (FAS). The investment  of this plant is six million  Euro, and new 806 employees will be  employed.
The opening ceremony was attended by the  President of the Republic of Serbia, Tomislav Nikolić, Minister of Finance and Economy, Mlađan Dinkić, Minister of Agriculture, Goran Knežević, Mayor of Zrenjanin, Ivan Bošnjak with  his associates and many guests.
On this occasion the President  Nikolić points out that new investments in Serbia are the proof that  the new government keeps  its promises.
- I  remember Zrenjanin where everybody  used to work, then  Zrenjanin where almost no one works, and  now it is my pleasure to come to Zrenjanin where new  posts are opened. We said we would do something for Serbia, and in a short time it proved that political victory was not enough but working on favourable investment surrounding and regaining of  trust of stakeholders and making investors believe that their investments are safe - said Nikolić adding that Serbia will fight against unemployment, poverty and crime as well as  the it will develop energy production, economy, automotive and aero industry, since, as he said,  Serbia owes that to its citizens.
- We  did a lot to meet the criteria that the European Union set for membership, we have opened the dialogue with almost all countries that we have opened issues with and I believe that during  this mandate we are going to solve many  problems that were left from the past- said the President.
The Minister of Finance and Economy, Mlađan Dinkić, expressed  his satisfaction  that his predictions regarding the jobs in automotive industry opening three or four  new jobs in cooperative companies for each job opened in automotive industry.
- For the first three months the new government has managed to stabilize the state public finances completely, however, we know it is not enough, our aim is to  provide opportunities for people to work, since the stability itself with such an unemployment makes no sense – pointed out Dinkić adding that the investments like the one in Zrenjanin are  the  direction the Government  wants to go more intensively in future.

The owner of "Draexlmaier" Fric Draexlmaier says that the Company in Serbia employs 2,000 people and that their jobs are safe.
- The production in our company is a demanding job that is not possible to accomplish without qualitative workforce. When we were selecting the location we knew that Zrenjanin had  qualitative workforce and that was one of the reasons to choose  it for our investment- said Draexlmaier.
He announced new investments confirming that the Company in Serbia works successfully.
The Government of Serbia supported the new plant through the Incentives programme, with 5,000  per  each  new  post, i.e.  four million  Euro.
This German Company came to Zrenjanin in 2007, and the cable sets that it produces are supplied to the biggest world automotive  companies such as BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes, General Motors.