Nikola Tesla's monument in Klek

The monument of Nikola Tesla in the Park of important people near the Primary School ”Jovan Dučić” was the main event of  Klek festivity dated 21 October, St Fathers  Day, which is the village  day. The monument  is the work of famous sculptor and writer Radovan Ždrale.
- it is honour and pleasure to be here today to reveal the monument  to one of the greatest men, a famous Serb and the citizen of the world. This is a memorial but also an encouragement to  young people to become a new Tesla or Pupin or Crnjanski and Dučić  – said the Mayor of Zrenjanin, Ivan Bošnjak, M.Sci. welcoming all the participants of the festivity and citizens of Klek and their guest from Trebinje and other places.

According to Deputy Mayor Čedomir Janjić, the monument to Nikola Tesla is one the first one of several planned sculptures.
The exhibition about Nikola Tesla was opened by Vladimir Jelenković, Director of Belgrade Museum of Nikola Tesla, established in 1952., and the presentation of Tesla/s achievements were prepared by professors Jelena and Miša Bracić.