Reconstructed building of Magistrates Court in Zrenjanin

Today the Minister of Justice and State Administration, Nikola Selaković, together  with USA Ambassador,  Michael Kirby and the Chairwoman of Court of Cassation, Nata Mesarović, opened the reconstructed building of Magistrate Court in our city, which, as  he said, will set an example to other courts in Serbia.
Thanking to the Ambassador and USAID Organisation for the support in this justice reform project implementation, Selaković emphasised that the Ministry of Justice and State Government considers Magistrate justice as a part of the Serbian justice system  and  that it contributes to the efficiency and  justice in the functioning of legal state.
 - Unfortunately, from the establishing of Magistrate courts to  now little  has been done on improving their position, which is one of the things to be changed – said he emphasising that one of the priorities  would be infrastructure and  location, both in Belgrade, where the  working conditions are the  worst but also in other other cities.
Ambassador Michael Kirby said that the reconstruction of Zrenjanin Magistrate Court would enable citizens to reach justice in a fast and efficient way adding that the building was only one part of the project and that citizens and their rights   were even more important.
- When you have court rooms where judges can work then the whole litigation procedure is more transparent and open. Naturally, citizens should restart believing that their case will be solved in a fast and efficient way – said Kirby.
The Chairwoman of Court of Cassation, Nata Mesarović, says that Zrenjanin Court of Cassation sets a good example, which should be followed by other courts in Serbia.
The important guests were present at the opening , including Zoran Pašalić, Acting Chairman of Higher Magistrate Court, Ivan Bošnjak, the Mayor of Zrenjanin, all welcomed by Jelena Gatarić, the Chairwoman of the Magistrate Court.

The Mayor Bošnjak pointed out that it was good to be the head of the city which is a good example to other cities thanking USAD for all the help so far provided.
According to him, in a near future adequate equipment is also planned to be provided including computers and other necessary technical devices.
After the official opening, a tour around the Court was organised to see the results of the project jointly implemented by the Ministry of Justice and State Government and United State Agency for International Development (USAID).