Solving citizens' problems is a common interest of business and leading people of Zrenjanin

Today in the City Council Hall city heads had a meeting with the representatives of Zrenjanin Business Circle (ZREPOK), as a next step of their cooperation, but also common interests in problem solving.
As suggested by ZREPOK the first issue discussed was Zrenjanin's gas quality.
Budimir Jovanović, the member of the Executive Board of ZREPOK, is very low so that the losses and damage are big.
The Chairman of  Zrenjanin Assembly, Radovan Bulajić says that the Assembly will discuss this  problem soon, and  that other relevant  authorities will be informed .

Another topic was procurement procedure with the conclusion that transparency is a key  thing.

Also, as proposed by ZREPOK, the third issue were the main city priorities and their implementation to make Zrenjanin one of the most demanded cities both for living and investing. And , one of the project priorities  will be the finishing of the by-pass.
- Regular meetings with Zrenjanin Business Circe are introduces but the representatives of  the Regional Commercial Chamber and the Association of Entrepreneurs participated too. Today we have pointed out the most important problems and we have made some conclusions and we are going to try to solve these problems together – said the Mayor Ivan Bošnjak, M.Sci.