The Old Town Nucleus


First of all, you should take a walk along the stretch from "Mali most-Small Bridge", via Trg slobode-Freedom Square to the Trg republike-Republic Square and the Veliki pešački most-Big Pedestrian Bridge (where the famous "Bečkerečka ćuprija-Beckerek Bridge" used to be). The Trg slobode-Freedom Square is identified by the Baroque mansion of the Town Hall of Zrenjanin (constructed in 1820, extended in 1888), the Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Patron-Saint Ivan Nepomuk (with the famous pipe organ) from 1864, the City Library "Žarko Zrenjanin", the monument to King Petar I Karađorđević (erected in 1926, demolished in 1941, and restored in 2004), the monumental palace of the National Museum, the former Financial Palace (from 1894) and the building of the National Theater "Toša Jovanović", with the oldest theater hall in Serbia, constructed in 1839. The gorgeous Baroque hall should be preferably visited at the time of one of the performances on Drama or Puppet stage!


From the Trg slobode-Freedom Square you should then proceed along the pavement of the central pedestrian zone –Kralja Aleksandra I Karađorđevića Street. In it, one next to the other, architectural history (and not only that) of the city is told by Bence’s, Panji’s, Kovačeva or Tuner’s palace ("Šeherezada-Sheherazade", because of the unique Moorish architectural style), the houses of the merchant Jakšić or Štagelšmit, up to the latest palace "Renesansa-Renaissance", from 2008… And naturally, in close vicinity, in Svetosavska Street, you should see the Orthodox Church of Dormition of the Mother of God, the oldest preserved building in the old town nucleus, from way back in 1746. You should not miss the opportunity to take an evening tour as well, and to enjoy in the unique decorative lighting!


You can take a break in the national restaurant – beer hall "Četir' konja debela-Four Fat Horses", or some of the numerous coffee shops in specific passages along the central or the neighboring streets. In summer, you must do that in one of the picturesque gardens along the pedestrian zone. On the way back, do not forget to visit one of the exhibitions of the National Museum or the Modern Gallery of the Art Colony "Ečka", and then end the tour of the center of the city at the "Mali most-Small Bridge". Around the oldest bridge in the city (constructed in 1904) the most beautiful city space is located – the buildings of the Music School "Josif Marinković", Zrenjanin secondary school, the former Merchant Academy, the Cultural Center, the Reformist Church, the court palace and a specific rarity – the remnants of the former course of the River Begej, which is now called "Central gradsko jezero-Central Town Nucleus". The view of the unique fountain from the lake is just the thing, after such a walk, to relax all human senses...