Islam community in Zrenjanin contributes to multi ethnics and tolerance

- Islamic community in Zrenjanin is a good example of cooperation of the City of Zrenjanin with religious communities and the goal of our visit to this area is to show that all the citizens of Zrenjanin are equal and that the City is open for all the people, no matter what their religion, language or tradition is – pointed out the President of the  Assembly of the City of Zrenjanin Aleksandar Marton during the yesterday's visit to the Islamic community in our city. He estimated that all the City's religious communities equally contribute to the traditional riches of this area, and these are multi ethnics, tolerance and good neighbourhood relations,which is a good reference for potential investors who want to invest their capital here. 
The Islamic community in Zrenjanin, as stated by Elvir Šerifović, the Main Imam, goes back to the year 1973 and today it has about 2,500 members, mostly of the Roma nationality, and a smaller number of the Albanian, Turkish and Bosniaks nationality. Apart from the religious activities, which are realized in the praying house in Ive Lole Ribara Street, they are oriented to the education and raising of their members, wishing to be engaged in social streams and community activities. He estimated the cooperation with other religious communities as good, mentioning that it can and need to be even better.    
- We must give hand to each other, so that we all feel better, as a society, but also to contribute to the development of the City. I am grateful to all those who recognized the Islamic community as a friend, associate and an institution of good intentions, willing to contribute to the progress of the city. Speaking that the God is the one and that religion ties us, no matter of the origin, language, culture or tradition, we contribute to mutual respect, companionship and multi ethnic cooperation said the Imam Šerifović. 
A member of the City Council Tibor Vaš, who was also in the visit to the Islamic community, expressed his satisfaction with the similar attitudes about the mutual cooperation between the City of Zrenjanin and the Islamic community and repeated that the local self-government traditionally has the equal approach to all religious  communities present in the City.
- Perhaps the Islamic community could be more engaged in social activities of the City, which would be good for them, and since there is a good will for mutual communication and support by the local self-government, I hope we will make a progress in an active involvement of the Islamic community – said Tibor Vaš during the yesterday's visit to this religious community.