Shop and Education Center for overweight persons and persons suffering diabetes

Today, in Serbia there are 630,000 persons suffering from diabetes, in Autonomous Province of Vojvodina 250,000, and in the Municipality of  Zrenjanin more than 10,000 persons. If the number of  unregistered diabetes patients  is added to  this then the  data  become alarming for the state of Serbia  and  some urgent measures are necessary to undertake prevention of the disease and education of population.   – said Lazar Erne, Chairman Deputy of the Society for Diabetes Control Zrenjanin.
Zorica Denda, Deputy Mayor of the City of Zrenjanin, said that the local government  recognized the scope of this problem among the first, together with the Provincial Secretariat for Health, Social Policy and Demography supported  the Project of opening  Education Center and specialised  diabetes and overweight  persons.
She  said that  the local government  financially  supported the project with financial funds for  2012 too.
Doctors of Education Center, according to Lazar Erne, give advice to interested citizens free of charge, and on Wednesdays there are training s of special food preparing with sugar test before and after meals. The shop offers over 300 various products for persons suffering diabetes at the price 20% to 30% lower than in any pharmacy or shop since the society is not a profitable organisation. Every day a bicycle ride is organised from 19 to 20, and a bicycle can be even rented if you don not have one of your own.
Ankica Jeftić, The Chairwoman of the Society Sremska Mitrovica, said that Zrenjanin Center and shop  was an example of good pracice  and care for people suffering diabetes and that similar shop  was going to be opened in Sremska Mitrovica and then in Kikinda and Bačka Palanka.
The Society for Diabetes Control of Zrenajnin City has a long tradition in informing and supporting people suffering from diabetes, since 1974. So far the recently opened shop gave very good results in prevention and promotion of diabetes prevention and support to  the patients and their families.