Novi Sad ''Bećari'' new World champions in Banat baseball

The twelfth World Championship in Banat baseball was finished yesterday when in the finals the team from Novi Sad, "Bećari" won the match against the last year's champion, "Marijevo" from Tomaševac, with the score of 26:6 becoming the World champion in this game. The third place was won by another team from Tomašeac, "Čoka" in the match against the team from Bela Crkva, the score 45:10.
Banat baseball is an old shepherd’s sport, and the Banat people claim that Mihajlo Pupin transferred it from vast meadows to America and that actually baseball originates from this sport.. Subsequently for 12 years now, the World championship in this game is held in Tomaševac. At the first Championship there were six teams and now the number has doubled. Banat baseball is similar to ordinary baseball but the rules are authentic.