Ambassador of Argentina in Zrenjanin: Agriculture as the Biggest Opportunity for Cooperation

The "Days of Argentina", the event  that is taking place in Zrenjanin today, has been a good  reason for  His Excellency Rikardo Fernandes, the Ambassador of this  country in Serbia, to visit our city. After the reception in the City Hall and talks with the Mayor Čedomir Janjić and  his associates, the Ambassador Fernandes opened the exhibition "86 Years of Diplomatic Relations of Serbia and Argentina" and  lecture "The Maldives  – a Long Colonial History", held by the professior Slobodan Pajović, Ph.D., Coordinator of the Sector for the Latin America and Caribbean Islands of the Faculty of International Economy of John Nesbitt University.
The "Day of Argentina" in Zrenjanin ended with the coktail in the City Garden and the Argentinian music and wine.
Also, at the reception there were Mayor Deputy Saša Santovac, Chairwoman of the City Assembly, Prim. dr Eleonora Marjanović, Deputy Chairman of the City Assembly Ljubomir Stanisavljev and Secretary of the  City Assembly Milan Mrkšić. The Ambassador Fernandes is for the third time  in Zrenjanin today, having already  visited the World  Championship in Woman Handball 2013,  and the last year's "Days of Beer", during the folklore festival "Children   Dance for Peace in the World" when  the performers form Argentina  participated. He recalled the pleasant impressions of these  visits.
After one-hour talks the Ambassador Fernandes thanked for the warm welcome in Zrenjanin saying that his  country has always been supporting Serbia as today and that  the warm welcome  is an expression of respect to his  country .
- We were talking about  some issues of mutual interest for our cooperation. Our countries are vey similar, particularly  regarding agriculture, and we have done even more in this  field  than a our set goals, first of  all , due to advanced technologies used in agriculture . About a year ago  a cooperation framework was reised as an important issue resulting in the signing of two agreemens by the  Ministers of Foreign Affairs of both coutnirs on 26 Nov 2014 – one  refers to  educaiton and culture, the other to science and technology. This framework is the basis for  our future cooperation and now it is up to us to implement the projects regardins  these agreemetns – pointed out the Ambassador of Argentina Rikardo Fernandes.
Today our city has had a great honour to welcome the Ambassador of a big  country, as Argentina, who prommoted and represented his country to  the citizen of Zrenjanin said the Mayor Čedomir Janjić.
- We are particularly glad that this is not his first visit to Zrenjanin. For me, the talks we have had were almost astonishing, when His Excellency  presented  all that  his country can do for  our agriculture – first of all new advanced tehcnologies – and we have agreed about  the visit of investors and experts who  will  promote  these new technologies and good achieved results to our agriculture producers  – concluded the Mayor.