Contracts Signed with 42 Cattle Breeders

Today, at the City Hall the Mayor of Zrenjanin, Čedomir Janjić signed the contracts with 42 cattle breeders from the territory of Zrenjanin City regarding the granting of 60 high quality Simmental heifers  to have calves, implementing one more important action.
The right to use the incentives for heifer purchase refers to the natural persons who have a registered agriculture estate, active in 2015 and  the residence  and estate in the territory of Zrenjanin City. The planned amount of the incentive funds is up to 100% of an investment, VAT excluded, and max amount of the subvention is up to 300,000 dinars per animal. The agriculture producers were, as it had been expected, very interested in this project so that the Mayor announced  some more similar actions.
- We have been trying to support and help our agriculture in various ways and the budget for this purpose is about 4 million Euro, i.e. 10 % more than the total budget. My colleagues do not believe when I say that we allocate  so  much  funding for agriculture, but we consider, and  I  personally,  that agriculture is the key starter of the development of Zrenjanin City and we have been doing our best to accomplish it – said the Mayor adding that the  ideas for support usually  arise in the direct discussion with producers.
According to 42 producers who signed the contracts the granting of 60 heifers is a significant support – pointed out  the Mayor Janjić. 
Snežana Vrbajac, on behalf of "Fruškogorska mlekara", general representative for import of heifers from Austria, announced  the next steps in the project implementation after the signing of the contracts. She  said that heifers  were selected in Austria and that the  animals were supposed to arrive in Serbia at the beginning of the next month. The selection is done according to the regulations  and criteria of the Veterinary Administration.
- This is to be followed by 30-day quarantine and we expect heifers to be delivered by 10th to 15th August. Original documents  will be  obtained from Austria too and during the  quarantine period the animals will be registered  in Serbia.– explained  Snežana Vrbajac.
The cattle  breeders thank to the City emphasising that the market  price of such a  certified heifer is about 2,300 Euro and that they cannot be bought  on   our market  so this is very important incentive for us – said the biggest milk producer in Vojvodina Peter Čorba, from Zrenjanin.