A holokauszt áldozatainak emlékezete

This year the wreaths were laid again in Zrenjanin at the Holocaust victims memorial. The International Day of  the Holocaust  Victims was established  by UN in memoriam of 27 January 1945 when the Red Army liberated  the worst death camp of Europe, Auschwitz-Birkenau, the symbol of mass killing of people, mostly  the Jewsi.
On behalf of Zrenjanin City the wreath was laid by Mayor Deputy David Dimkić and Mayor Deputy Duško Radišić. The wreath of the Jew Municipality Zrenjanin was laid by 89 year -old Eva Radovančev,  our oldest citizen who survived the Holocaust, Ivanka Fa and Erne Švan, and the representatives of the youth of the League of Socio democrates of Vojvodina and the Movement of New Society laid their wreaths too.
As Mayor Deputy David Dimkić, the member of Zrenjanin Jew Municipality, said during the Second World War more than 6 million Jews  were killed.
- Apart form the Jews, themembers of the Serbian, Roman, and other nations were illed too. Therefore this day must not be forgotten  so that such a terible thing never happen again to anyone on the Earth. The state of Israel built the monument in memoriam of those victims and we in our city remember   our citizens  who  were killed in those days. - said Dimkić.
The chairwoman of the Jew Municipality, Ljiljana Popov, read  the  Declaration of UN  dated 1 November 2005 when the International Day of Holocaust of established. 
- The inhabitants of Serbian and Zrenjanin City almost  completely respect the provisins of the Declaration by not allowing Holocaust to be forgotten, remembering the people and places, the Jewish community and its suffering and telling the younger  generations not only this terrible story but also the story of love  - said Ljiljana Popov.
The Jews  of Zrenjanin suffered at the very beginning of the Second World War, about 1,300  of them,almost the whole population of the city,  were  transported to Belgrade camps at Sajmište and  Jajinci,   andaftewards killed. Today in Zrenjanin there is only aobut 10% of the former Jew population, about 130 pripadnika čine pretežno potomci nekadašnjih petrovgradskih Jevreja.of them, mostly their  successors.



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