President Nikolić visited Zrenjanin

The President of Serbia, Tomislav Nikolić, has visited Zrenjanin today and had talks with the Mayor of Zrenjanin, Goran Knežević and his associates.
After that the President Nikolić visited agriculture producers from Melenci, Milovan and Dragoljub Pajić, who cultivate about a hundred hectares of land and the household of Dragomir and Dragan Davidov,  the owners of one of the biggest pig farms in Serbia. 
The President pointed out that agriculture is the biggest opportunity for Serbia and that Serbia, if  he is supported by the Government of Serbia,  will "make a  progress more rapidly than it was falling".
Talking to agriculture producers and journalists Nikolić says that it is necessary to create conditions to adjust agriculture budget to the "demands of Serbia from farmers", but to provide favourable production environment. 
He emphasises the importance of  rural development   to motivate population to stay and work in rural areas  which will result  in increased food production, not only for both Serbian and foreign market.
According to Nikolić the farmers should be organised in cooperatives which can do export and  import, and the Russian market can  buy all food production  Serbia  can produce.
The Mayor Knežević concluded that agriculture offered the greatest opportunities and those potentials should be used. The Government fully supports all our plans and strategies, first of all,  the development strategy of Zrenjanin so that in the period to come we are going to return Zrenjanin where it used to be, as a city of future – said Knežević, adding that, naturally a review of the present situation is needed and new teams to be formed.