Zrenjanin opens the first Office of Local Employment Council in Serbia

The representatives of the local self-government, Department of National Employment Agency, trade unions, Employment Council and Local Anti-corruption forum were present today at the opening of the Office of Local Employment Council, the first of the kind in Serbia. The office is situated in the Cultural Center of Zrenjanin and was opened by Aleksandar Marton, the President of the City Assembly and  Livia Hartih, coordinator of the Office   
The President of the City Assembly reminded that during the last year the local self-government supported the idea for the opening of such an Office.
- We consider the unemployment issue to be one of the  key problems, not only in the City of Zrenjanin, but  in the whole Serbia, so the goal of the local self-government is to reduce the   unemployment rate through, among other, this kind of projects. By the end of 2011 several tens of new job positions were opened but that is not enough. I think that this Office should demonstrate, by its initiative that more investors can be attracted to the City and this will be supported by the local government. If, by January 2013., thanks to the activities of this Office, new, say, 250 new job positions are opened, I think that it will be a success, since  at these times of crisis, each new job and one unemployed person less, is  significant – pointed out  Aleksandar Marton.
The Coordinator of the Office, Livia Hartih, provided the information about the starting work from the next day, working hours 8 A.M. – 3 P.M., every working day.
According to her the goals of the Office forming are the promotion of the local employment policy, support to employment action plans, strengthening of social partnership, engaging of relevant subjects, employment priorities determinating, joint solutions finding, improving present situation, supporting grant applications, particularly for EU funds. 
The President of the Local Employment Council, Laslo Tot, emphasised the importance of partnership and joint work.
The opening of this office in Zrenjanin will provide new opportunities for projects and  financial  funding,  both at local and regional  levels .