Zrenjanin ''Žitoprodukt'' - a positive example

The President of the  Government  of Vojvodina, Bojan Pajtić, and Provincial  Secretary of work, employment and  gender equility, Miroslav Vasin, together with the Mayor of Zrenjanin City, Mileta Mihajlov, visited Zrenjanin company "Žitoprodukt" and pointed out that it  was one of the positive rescue examples of a company with tradition and perspective
The Mayor says that a year ago there was a strike on in that company, even with no flour, but supported by the local self-government and Provincial Government the production has been restarted.
- What is  the most important is  that none of the employees have been made redundant, that bread production  is restarted – Mihajlov says.
The President Pajtic states that the Provincial  Government started a  rescuing project of the companies having tradition and perspective, and which were ruined by a bad  privatisation or irresponsible business operating after it two years ago.
- At this moment in that programme we have 27 companies from Vojvodina with several thousands people  working in them and  a dozen cooperating companies. That programme includes all those instruments that can  support the strategic partner  finding, market and investment opportunities - said Pajtić.


The results of this programme can be already  seen, as he says, in many companies where  employees were not  paid salaries, as it was in "Žitoprodukt", which was totally blocked  resulting in bread supplying.
Miroslav Vasin says that "Žitoprodukt" restarted the production and that a year after that, 126, out of 144,  employees are working now,either through the renting of the Slovenian company "Don don", or in "Žitoprodukt" itself, which means that most of employees have kept their jobs, while the others  are covered by the social programme.
- The Slovenian partner revitalised, not only "Žitoprodukt", but bakery in Kikinda as well, and meanwhile, supported by the state, the blockage of more than 300 million dinars has been removed  so that the  working conditions are e- pointed out Vasin.
According to him the similar projects will be implemented in Zrenajnin "Ipok", "Banat semen", and that the bankruptcy procedure will be finished in "Luksol" and the company will be reestablished.

Zrenjanin "Žitoprodukt", according to the decision of the Higher Court Belgrade dated 1. January of the last year is not owned by Đorđe Božić who was temporary rejected the managing right of 72 percent of the property, and a part of the  factory was hired by the Slovenian company "Don don".
Director Sima Grujesku says that today in "Žitoproduktu“  32 employees are  employed, and 92 employees were overtaken by  the company M.A.Č. "Don don“  since 1 Sep 2011.  on Contract, while  20 employees were redundant and left the company.
Since the bakery and mill are rented by  M.A.Č. "Don don“, "Žitoprodukt“ continued  to  provide the services in reception, storing and drying of cereals (corn, sunflower, wheat).