More savings less complaint

Today Aleksandar Marton, the President of the City Assembly visited, together with the City representatives, PCE "Gradska toplana" /Heating Plant/ Zrenjanin, where he talked to Vladimir Tešić, the Director of the company, about the current heating season and plans for the future period.
Vladimir Tešić explained that the complaints are the main measure of a successful or unsuccessful season informing that this year citizens were calling because of some flats or even some radiators in flats.
- There has been a comparable smaller number of complaints than the last year, and they mostly refer to internal installation in flats, not to our network system, and the internal installation is not our competence. Also the safety of heating in supplying is very important to us and our measurements showed that the quantity delivered was enough with no interruptions in supplying – pointed out the Director of PCE "Gradska toplana" Zrenjanin, adding that also the significant loss reductions in gas distribution were achieved, since until the last year, as he said, that loss was seven and a half percent, and now only four and a half, which is about a million of gas m3.
According to him, this Company is now coming to the next stage, i.e. the replacement and reconstruction of the main heating pipeline.
- The new boiler room has proved to give an efficient result and the next thing is to minimize the distribution loss. The main heating pipeline is the key part of the system which directly effects the distribution of the heating energy. If there is a failure or break at this part, the whole city is left with no heating – added Vladimir Tešić.
Aleksandar Marton, the President of Zrenjanin City Assembly, supported the Management of the Company expressing his positive comment regarding the warm radiators in flats.
-  It is important to disseminate the term of energy efficiency, which in Serbia is not at a very high level so   it is necessary to work further on by establishing a body, first of all, an agency, similar as the one in Novi Sad, with the objective to improve energy efficiency so that Zrenjanin City is on the right path while streaming towards the European countries which pay particular attention to this issue. Therefore, I  expect concrete moves of the representatives of the City Heating Plant as well as the City Administration regarding this issue – said the President of Zrenjanin City Assembly.